Elevated Cat Water & Food Station

Elevated Cat Water & Food Station is all your cat needs for his/her personal dining station. Two cat bowls are designed for dry & wet food or allowing multiple pets to eat at the same time.Elevated design that promotes a great eating posture and improves digestion while keeping them hydrated all day long.

Serve your furry friend in style with our safe and functional feeding station by ordering it now!


  • The food bowl is made of stainless steel. 
  • Detachable bowl for easy cleaning and re-filling.
  • 500 ml splash-proof water dispenser.
  • Strong built and non-slip base.

(Siphon principle for stable control of water level and automatic water supply.)

(Stainless steel bowls are safer, compared to using plastic bowls which contain toxic BPA, easy to breed harmful bacteria over time, and can be a source of infection to your cats.)

(Item Color / Type: Green)

(Item Color / Type: Pink)

(Item Color / Type: Blue)

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