Furry Kitty Sling Bag

Introducing our super cute Furry Kitty Sling Bag. A light-weight bag that's comfy to carry yet provides enough space to store all your valuable belongings such as your phone, your cards, keys, and wallet. With its cute plushy kitty design, this is an absolute must-have for a cat lover like you. 


  • Comfortable and lightweight, made from polyester plush.
  • Exceptionally cute.
  • Everything is well-crafted from its external appearance to its internal fabric making it more durable. 
  • Beautiful and stylish chain straps.
  • Available in 5 different cat colors to choose from.

(Item Color/Type: White) 

(Item Color/Type: Pink

(Item Color/Type: Gray

(Item Color/Type: Brown

(Item Color/Type: Black


(Item measurement)

 Actual product images:

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