Cactus Catnip Plush Toy

Our Cactus Catnip Plush Toy contains catnip that will surely catch your cat's attention. Your furbaby will want to pounce, play, chase and snuggle on this soft plushy cactus.


  • Contains Catnip: Excite, engage and help keep kitty's interest with these catnip-filled toys! 
  • Active Lifestyle-Ready: Tempting shapes perfect for batting, chasing, snuggling, and playing. 
  • Thoroughly-tested: Made in soft short plush fabric + catnip + pp cotton keeping your cats entertained and safe during playtime.
  • Machine Washable: Easy to clean. Toys will retain their shape and cotton feel with repeated cleaning and washing.

(Awakens natural play instincts with its fun shape and enticing catnip scent.)

(Available in 3 colors and sizes to choose from.)

Actual product image:

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