Foldable Kitten Tent


Give your kitten a comfortable yet entertaining Foldable Kitten Tent! This can supply fitness activities for your pawfriend, allowing them to enjoy a new play space every time.


  • Safe and Comfortable: Made from 100% cotton, this non-toxic soft material will keep your cat comfortable and safe while enjoying its playtime. 
  • Convenient and Portable: When not in use, the tent can fold flat for convenient storage anywhere you desire.
  • Soft Bed:A wonderful place for your pet to rest when tired after a long time playing. Keeps cats warm and cozy. 
  • Cute Design:Decorated with four hanging toys that your cats can play and enjoy.

(Has a cozy mat bottom for your cat to lay down on. Keeps cats warm and happy without taking up valuable floor space.)

(With 4 hanging toys consists of 2 bells, a mouse, and a ball.)

(Item Design: Ladybug.)

(Item Design: Tiger.)

(Item Design: Zebra.)(Item Design: Bee.)

(Item Design: Polka Dots.)

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