Handheld Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

Our Handheld Desktop Vacuum Cleaner can clean up your desktop effectively and it's also handy. It has a good suction that can clean up dust, paper scraps, pet hair, lint, ash, hair, rubber, and food crumbs efficiently. Add it to your cart now and let these adorable cats clean your working area as easily as 1,2,3!


  • The dust remover has a mini compact size, which is space-saving and easy to carry.
  • Designed with a brush, it is more convenient to clean your desktop.
  • 360-degree rising wind helps to clean efficiently.
  • Built-in 750mAh rechargeable lithium battery. (USB Cable included)
  • Three cute and interesting expressions to choose from.


Material: ABS, PC
Battery Capacity: 750mAh
Current: 0.15A
Charging Time: 3 Hours


(Detachable bottom design, good emptying system make it easy and fast to clean)

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