Bubbly Cat's Water & Food Station

Light Pink
Light Blue
Bondi Blue

Bubbly Cat's Water & Food Station is all your cat needs for his/her personal dining station. Build with cat's safety and convenience in mind. Stainless steel bowl included.


  • Bubble-shaped water container was designed for easy access to clean.
  • The sheer weight of the water makes it steady and difficult for cats to knock the food station upside down. It also controls the water level to ensure no overflows.
  • The food bowl is made of stainless steel. Supurr safe, compared to using plastic bowls which contain toxic BPA, easy to breed harmful bacteria over time, and can be a source of infection to your cats.
  • Size: *Length 32cm *Width 16cm *Height 20cm

(The water container holds a 1.8L water capacity. )

(Creative foldable design for L-shape setup, l-shape setup, or compact drink station setup.)

(Item Color / Type: Light Blue)

(Item Color / Type: Light Pink)

(Item Color / Type: Bondi Blue)

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