Interactive Teasing Mouse Cat Toy

Gray Mouse
White Mouse

Bring your pets to play and exercise with them without having to leave your house with our Interactive Teasing Mouse Cat Toy. This remotely controlled toy is the perfect companion to play with your cat as well as help them to have a healthy and active life.


  • It is designed to be just like a real mouse with a realistic shape, and lifelike hair.
  • Has the ability to move on its own (with on demo mode) or can be controlled using the remote control.
  • Press and hold both buttons together for 4sec, for auto demo mode. The rat will move back and forth, turn left and right, 360° rotation. 
  • Press the forward button for 2sec, for quitting auto demo mode.
  • The remote control distance is 6-8m and 3 x LR 44 batteries are needed.

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(Item Color / Type: Gray Mouse)

(Item Color / Type: White Mouse)

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