15° Angled Cat Bowl

Promotes a better eating posture for your cats with this 15° Angled Cat Bowl. A good investment to prevent future complications for your beloved cats.


  • Prevents your cats from vomiting after meals.
  • The raised and tilted bowls provide maximal comfort when eating.
  • Reduces neck strain on your old cats
  • Reduces post-meal vomiting and acid reflux
  • It stops cats from stooping too low when eating


  • 15 degrees tilt angle is better for your cats to drink or eat.
  • Wide stainless steel bowls that easy to clean, BPA-free, and does not obstruct your cat's whiskers, providing more comfort.
  • Has 4 skid proof rubberized grips at the bottom to make bowls stable while eating.
  • Holds about 9.5 ounces of food


(Item measurement)


(With its large feeding area, your cat will never worry about getting their fur or whiskers in the way of eating their food again!)

(Promotes a great eating posture and reduces the strain on your cat's neck with this angled bowl design.)

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