Helicopter Cat Treat Dispenser



When it's exercise, nothing's better than a fun, energy-filled playtime with our cats. Get them to be active with our Helicopter Cat Treat Dispenser. A multi-functional cat toy that uses snacks to stimulate our cats to exercise, and improve their weight loss to fight obesity.


(Item features: Propeller, Turntable Trackball, Snack dispensing hole, Moving wheels) 

    (Item features: Spin it! Roll it! Tumble it! It's super fun!) 

    (Item features: Easily load their snacks into it)

    (Item features: Control the snack dispensing frequency with a simple dial)

    (Item dimensions)

    (Item Color/Type: Red-Blue-White) 

    (Item Color/Type: Green) 

    (Item Color/Type: Turquoise) 

    (Item Color/Type: Pink) 

    (Item Color/Type: Yellow) 

    Active Cats = Healthy Cats = Happy Cat Family

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