Cute Cat-Toons Sweater

Pink Cat
Blue Rabbit
Green Pineapple
Yellow Dinosaur
Yellow Leopard

Whether indoors or outdoors, our Cute Cat-Toons Sweater will keep your paw friend stylish, cosy, and comfortable. With multiple designs to choose from, you can be sure to have a different vibe for your cat each day of the week.

Suitable for:

  • Hairless breeds like Sphynx, chill more easily.
  • For cats that have been shaved for surgery, the sweater will keep them warm while preventing them from licking the incisions.
  • Bringing your cat home from a grooming session when patches of fur were just removed.


(Item Color/Type: Pink Cat

(Item Color/Type: Blue Rabbit

(Item Color/Type: Green Pineapple

(Item Color/Type: Yellow Dinosaur

(Item Color/Type: Yellow Leopard

Actual product images:

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