Silicone Fur Brushing Glove


An efficient cat fur grooming glove that gives your paw friend a relaxing massage, building good chemistry with your cat, while helping them to remove loose fur hairs.

One of the most common reasons cat vomits is the formation of hairballs in their digestive tract. Cat loves to groom themselves by licking their fur. Loose fur then gets into their stomach, causing hairballs to form and turning them ill. So, by removing loose fur hairs from your cat's body frequently, you are helping to keep them healthy and prevents them from vomiting.


  • Velcro straps to adjust according to the wearer's hand
  • Soft bristles that give your cat a nice comfortable massage.
  • Mesh glove to allow breathability for your wearing comfort
  • The rubber nodes on the glove easily catch loose fur hairs.
  • Available in red and blue colors