Elegant Cat Pearl Slippers

Put your feet in these Elegant Cat Pearl Slippers surely this will be your new favorite super-comfy cat-themed slippers. 

Ultra-soft, warm and breathable slippers feel like your walking on clouds. This will give you extra comfort as it feels great against your skin and totally perfect treat for tired toes at the end of a long day!


  • Made of soft fleece material and memory foam to soothe or warm those cold feet.
  • Skin-friendly and lightweight.
  • Sturdy non-slip rubber sole.
  • 4cm platform height.
  • Available in 5 colors: Wine red, Gray, Pink, Black and Purple.

These will be your new favorite ultimate cat slippers for Netflix & chill, stay-at-home times. 

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(Provide great comfort on your feet when standing for a long time.)

(The linings were made with soft cloud-like fluffy material that will keep your feet and toes warm on cold mornings!)

(Item Color/Type: Red)

(Item Color/Type: Black)

(Item Color/Type: Gray)

(Item Color/Type: Pink)

(Item Color/Type: Purple)

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