Cat's Automatic Filtered Drinking Station

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Pets need to stay hydrated to stay healthy. However, like us, our pets tend to forget to drink water. Cat's Automatic Filtered Drinking Station is an automatic water dispenser that can help them drink more water, staying healthy.


  • Running water is more attractive than still water for pets. This encourages them to drink more water.
  • There are also 4 different water flowing modes to keep them interested. (Fountain, Waterfall, Faucet, and Leaf mode)
  • There is a 6-fold filtering system to keep the water clean. 
  • Ultra-silent gives you and your cat a good night's rest.
  • A large water capacity of 3 liters, provides enough water when your not home.
  • Also available is the Infrared Sensor  package that helps save electricity. With the infrared sensor, the water fountain will switch from standby mode to running mode when your pet walks near it.

Get your pet to drink more water with this automatic water fountain. By staying hydrated, your cat will stay healthier.


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(With 4 different modes for various cat purrsonalities.)

(With our 6-fold filtration filter box, rest assured that this can provide fresh, clean and safe water for your pets.)

(Easy to disassemble and clean.)

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