Handheld Massager Shower Tool

Bathing your cat has just got easier and more relaxing for your fur-riend with this Handheld Massager Shower Tool.This shower tool is a wearable combination sprayer-massager that puts the control of water in the palm of your hand. As gentle as it is efficient, works like your just petting your cat-clean! 

With the Handheld Massager Shower Tool:

  • Turning on and off the showerhead with just a push on the palm, with just one hand.
  • Massage bristles on the showerhead to give your cat a lovely massage during the shower. Keeps them relax throughout the shower.
  • Keeps the water focused on the cat's coat for a faster, gentler bath with less mess and wasted water. 
  • Both hose and shower adapters are included for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Comes with an Efficient Silicone Pet Brush as a free gift.


Material : Silicon + ABS + Hardware
Hose length : 250cm / 98in
Product includes: (1 Pet shower tool+ 2 Adapter+ 1 Efficient Silicone Pet Brush)


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