Cute Lobster Cat Bed


This super cute lobster-themed cushion will bring your lazy kitty all the comfort of the underwater world. It has soft short plush and padded sides for extra comfiness. With this Cute Lobster Cat Bed, you’ll provide a cozy sleeping spot where your favorite cat can relax and curl up in.


  • Made of corduroy, super soft short plush, and teddy plush, and filled with high precision PP cotton.
  • Adorable lobster design with big round eyes, fluffy claws, and long palpus.
  • Detachable soft and thick cushion for easy cleaning.
  • Suitable for any cat breeds up to 20 lbs.
  • Available in 3 sizes. (Small, Medium, Large)


S: 50cm x 33cm x 15cm
M: 60cm x 40cm x 17cm
L: 75cm x 50cm x 20cm

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