Luxurious Leopard Print Cat Coat

Short Sleeve Fur
Long Sleeve Fur

Giving your cat this will help them to protect their skin well and maintain their body temperature but that's not the only thing our Luxurious Leopard Print Cat Coat can do. In fact, this makes them cuter, elegant, and stylish in the cold chilly weather.

Suitable for:

  • Hairless breeds like Sphynx, chill more easily.
  • For cats that have been shaved for surgery, the sweater will keep them warm while preventing them from licking the incisions.
  • Bringing your cat home from a grooming session when patches of fur were just removed.


S: Neck 16cm, Chest 26cm, Length 25cm
M: Neck 18cm, Chest 30cm, Length 30cm
L: Neck 22cm, Chest 34cm, Length 35cm
XL: Neck 26cm, Chest 38cm, Length 40cm
XXL: Neck 30cm, Chest 42cm, Length 42cm

(Item Color/Type: Short Sleeve

(Item Color/Type: Long Sleeve

Actual product images:

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