Opal Cat Necklace

Design A
Design B
Design C
Design D

Opal is one of the most beautiful gemstones in the world. Have this Opal Cat Necklace as a gift for the most beautiful and wonderful person you know in the world!


  • No other gem has the same stunning play of color that opal offers.
  • Simple and beautiful design jewelry.
  • 925 Sterling Silver Filled + Opal pendant necklace.
  • Pendant size is 2.7*1cm.
  • Necklace length is 18in.
  • Has different yet sophisticated and versatile colors to choose from, that surely will work with all kinds of outfit.

(Surely this necklace will make any cat lover's neckline look dazzling.)

(Item Color/Type: Design A)

(Item Color/Type: Design B)

(Item Color/Type: Design C)

(Item Color/Type: Design D)

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