Personalized Cat Collar ($3 Promo)

Pink- Sliver
Purple- Sliver
Orange- Sliver
Red Sliver
Black- Sliver
Blue- Sliver
Black- Black
Pink- Black
Orange- Black
Purple- Black
Red- Black
Blue- Black
Red- Silver- Anchor
Pink- Silver- Anchor
Blue- Silver- Anchor


Secure your lovely cats now with this Personalized Cat Collar. When your cat is lost, an ID tag is their best chance of being returned to you. As we all know, our fur-riends cannot speak our language. So, the information on their ID tag is crucial to help them return to their paw-rents.


  • High-quality nylon. Soft and comfortable to wear.
  • Equip with a bell to help locate the elusive ones
  • Adjustable size: 6.3-10.3 inch(16-26cm)

Note: Valid for 1 order per customer. After placing your order, please contact us at to let us know your cat's name and number to be engraved on the metal plate. Thank you.