The Orange Cactus Scratcher


The Orange Cactus Scratcher, a stunning piece of cat scratcher that keeps your cat happy and enhances the ambiance in your house.

Surely an all-time favorite. Scratching is a natural cat behavior. As such, this scratching post is definitely a must-have for every cat paw-rent. You will be able to satisfy their daily demand of scratching while leaving your couch and walls free of scratches.


  • 3 poles on a comfy mat for your feline to scratch, climb and play with.
  • Two of the poles are wrapped with natural sisal ropes that are designed to last from their scratching.
  • An Irresistible ball dangles from the top that increases the fun of your cats.
  • The comfy mat is made of a thick CARB-certified board, which provides stability to allow your cats to climb confidently.

Note: Currently exclusive to European countries only.