3pcs Cat Hair Remover Massaging Comb

Cats don't usually like grooming because the tools we use makes them uncomfortable. However, this Cat Hair Remover Massaging Brush is the game changer! It gently removes loose hair and massages your cat's fur, leaving it healthy, shiny and free of tangles and knots.

Surely this will get your cat to finally love grooming. Meow!


  • It removes dead hair, tangles & knots.
  • Massages your cat for healthier & shinier fur.
  • Helps improve blood circulation.
  • De-shedding eliminates ticks or fleas.


  • Harmless soft curved teeth, skin-friendly and massages the cat gently.
  • Curvy tip to give your pet a gentle combing with no pain or scratches.
  • Made from ABS plastic material.
  • Non-slip hand grip.
  • Size: 10cm * 9cm * 1.5cm


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