Cat And Mouse Bedroom Slippers

Shoe Size

Provide for your foot's needs in terms of comfort with our Cat And Mouse Bedroom Slippers. Pair this with your loved ones and enjoy an ultra-cozy and warm feeling together.


  • Super soft cotton lining to soothe or warm those cold feet.
  • Embroidered cat and mouse design.
  • Skin-friendly and lightweight.
  • Sturdy non-slip rubber sole.

Size Reference:

S- US 6-6.5 , 23-23.5cm (Heel to Toe)
M- US 7.5-8.5 , 24-24.5cm (Heel to Toe)
L-US 9-9.5 , 25-25.5cm (Heel to Toe)
XL-US 10-10.5 , 26-26.5cm (Heel to Toe)

(Item Color/Type: Cat)

(Item Color/Type: Mouse)

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