10 Fantastic Items From Super Kitty Cats That Can Make Your Cat Happy! (Part 2)

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10 Fantastic Items From Super Kitty Cats That Can Make Your Cat Happy! (Part 2) - Super Kitty Cats

So, as we go over the first 5 items that your cats will definitely love, I want to share with you cat lovers the last 5 items that will make them tremendously happy! 

Here is the final top 5 list!  


Versatile Cat Windmill Toy

Cat Dental Hygiene Kit
This is one of my favorite kitten toys! Here’s the reason why.
This toy is not only for good scratching and biting but it’s keeping their dental hygiene check regularly, this is also a big help for them to avoid anxiety while improving their IQ. It is a must-have toy for a kitten, especially if you are out regularly. Kittens developing IQ's are the most complicated one, we need to ensure they are having the right toy to help develop their brain. 
Our bundles of fluff bring endless joy into our lives so it’s only fair to give back the same way and supplement their lives as much as possible. Just as humans, cats have a wide variety of negative emotions such as boredom, depression, and solitude, waiting to come out if we put no effort into making our felines happy. 

Colorful Rotating Butterfly Toy

Happy cats Toy
This colorful rotating butterfly toy is so cute, that kitten will surely love it! It is very interactive the colors of this butterfly attract your cute little kitten. The wire connecting on the base to the butterfly is making them look like they’re dancing that your kitten would absolutely be lured! A very “fur-rific” toy to encourage your cat to exercise and stay active daily.
If your indoor cat has nothing to do all day, they’re bound to get bored sooner or later. Cats love adventure and exercising their hunting instincts. Their indoor setting should be apt to tackle those interests. These toys from Super Kitty Cats may supply them the happiness and entertainment they need!

New-Age Interactive Cat Toy 

Automatic Cat Toy
Take your kitten to an ultimate AI experience with this new-age interactive cat toy.
  • Take the time to play with your cat. Use toys and try different games such as chasing the laser pointer or the ping pong ball in a bathtub.
A perfect recommendation from us, is this new interactive toy! The laser lights coming out on this techy-toy will give your kitten a good time! A smart toy that is activated for 15 minutes every 3 hours. Wow! The coolest toy I have ever seen for kittens. This one will surely make them joyful every day. 

Anti-Cat Scratch Furniture Protective Cover

Cat Scratch cover
This is the item that I am sure you and your kitten will love! You make ‘em happy and you make your home free from kittens’ scratches. Scratching is a cat’s  instinct and their way of stretching and relaxing their muscles while they’re sharpening their claws. But not all cats have the same preferences when it comes to scratching. Some cats like to scratch horizontally on the floor, some prefer vertically while others are not picky and like both.
Based on their preferences, you’ll want to get a scratching post they will love to use. The Super Kitty Cats Anti-scratch post that your kitten will love  and this may keep their claws sharp! Win-win isn’t it?! 

Elegant Sunflower Cat Scratcher

Cat Cute Scratcher
This elegant sunflower cat scratcher is what your lovely cat wants! A scratching post is also a good idea because your cat might love to use this, depending on their current mood. When everyone’s out this cute scratcher will surely accompany your lonely kitten. The colorful design will surely engage with your lovely cat. Add them to your cart now!
A Happy Cat
This list will surely make you and kitten bond more! Can you share how do you make your cat happy? What are the things you bought previously to make them a happy cat? Share your ‘Fur-riffic’ stories with us! We love to read them!