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Welcome, reader!  Why not rest for a while and find out what TikTok’s obsession with a fake feline economy is all about? 

The meme that appears to have started the TikTok movement was posted by @catz.jpeg in 2021 and has a kitten holding out its white fluffy paw and writing the words "4 dabloons". The origin of the word "dabloons" can be first traced to Spain in the sixteenth century, where they were used as currency until the middle of the nineteenth century. During this time, the gold coins rose to fame as a result of their connection to pirate legends. But how does a Dabloon Currency trend work nowadays?

It actually works on the Tiktok platform where you only have to wait and hope while scrolling that a nice dabloon cat will come along to share the wealth as the TikTok feed scrolls in your favor. Every dabloon video is only supposed to give 100 dabloons at a time, but if you're prepared to explore the black market, you might find more. 

Credits: @fisherman via tiktok

These Dabloon can be used as a currency when you come across a Dabloon Cat store, you can choose to "buy" virtual goods like dishes, hot chocolate, and other things. Then, towards the end of the video, a black cat appears and informs you of the potential price of items in dabloons.  To be clear, there is no external website or entity that grants you dabloons. Every aspect is imaginary and mainly relies on you, the viewer, participating in the meme. Dabloons don't use an official token like the "actual" meme currency. But instead, users must keep track of their own balances mentally. It's a system built on trust, a haven of integrity amid the internet's cynical wilderness.

Credits: Hi Traveler! via Tiktok
To balance the economy of dabloons you can also bump into lawless dabloon cat videos who will steal anything you own. One TikTok user claims, "This trend is a fantastic example of why our generation will suck at being in control. We have produced people with boundless money, horrible destitution, and criminals stealing everything in less than 24 hours." 

It’s hard to say what’s caused dabloons to blow up in the last few days. Maybe we’re all collectively yearning for a cute little adventure and secretly amazed at the challenge of it on the platform. It’s important to remember that, while a big stash of dabloons may be impressive, the real victory is the feline friends you made along the way!

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