Learning Cats Body Language

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Learning Cats Body Language - Super Kitty Cats

Cat with human

Cat's body language are often difficult for most of us to understand. It is important for us to understand the rationale behind their behavior to create a strong bonding between our cats and us.

In this article, we have deciphered some of the most common cat's body language that we hope, will help us understand our cats better. Read on to find out what their actions meant. 

The Ears 

Cat's ears

When the ears are slightly bent forward, the cat is particularly telling you that it is interested or curious about something. Most of the time, this gesture is spotted when the cat is given something new, like a cat toy, or, they spotted you doing something that they do not understand. Well, they are born naturally curious.

When their ears are pinned back and flat, your cat is probably angry at something. This body language is most often accompany with hissing, or a soft growling sound. In some cases, this action can also signify fear.

Lastly, when the ears are straight and upright, it meant something has got your cat’s attention. They will usually extend their neck higher and prick their ears, to observe and listen better. These behaviors are similar to animals in the wild. They do this instinctively so they could hear more and ascertain if a coming sound meant danger or not. This is usually seen when the cats are in alert mode, and they are just preparing to either dash away at the sight of danger, or chase  their prey.

Tail Signs 

cat tail

The tail signs of the cat are one of the most common communication language in the animal kingdom. Unlike the dogs, whose tail wagging is to show their excitement, cats' tail wagging carries a totally different meaning.

  • Tail wagging is a sign of frustration in the feline family rather than excitement, which is different than the other animals. When your cat wags its tail, it probably isn’t happy about something, and you better avoid petting them, as it can lead to a few scratches or bites. 
  • Puffed-up tail. Seeing kittens with a puffed-up tail can be very amusing, but it is anything but that. When your kittens puffs up its tails, it is often because they felt threatened. If its followed by a hissing sound, then it is preparing for an attack. By puffing up its tail, the cat tries to make their body larger to intimidate their opponents.
  • Twitching of the tail. Cats twitch their tails when they are ready or excited to play. Tail twitching is quite similar to tail wagging, but often involves lots of flicks of the tail at its tip.
  • Tucking away the tail. Tucked away tail, or lowered tail may meant that they are sick, afraid, submissive. Cats may tuck their tail when they lost a cat fight, and submit to their opponent, plus feeling sad for their loss. Cats may also tuck their tail when they are in discomfort or ill. So, pay attention when your cats are tucking their tail to keep them healthy and happy.
  • Curved tailA curved tail is often a sign of curiosity in the cat. When cats have their tail curved like the question mark sign, it means they are ready to explore. So if you’ve been looking for a good time to expose your cat to a new toy or activity, whenever the tail is curved, it might be a good time. 
  • Embracing each other's tailWhen cats get their tails tangled with another cat, they are most likely sending the message of affection and happiness to each other. It can be a courtship.


Belly flash 

Well, aside from the ears, eyes, and tail, cats also express themselves using their belly. When they are lying on their back with the belly exposed, it is telling you of the high level of trust, and confidence, you gained with them.

However, if the belly pose is accompanied with a hissing sound or a soft growl, you may want to avoid the temptation of reaching out, and scratching its belly as they are most often agitated and ready to strike. Belly is their most sensitive part.

Butt wiggling 

cat butt

Butt wiggling is not a show of excitement as often portrayed in animated series. Most of the times, when your cat wiggles its butt, it is getting ready to pounce on something, or stalking its prey.

See you in the next series of our article, getting to know your cat deeper is one of the fulfilling experience when homing a cat. As a cat parent, it is also essential to know more about them, what they need, their body language, and some of theircattitude.Super Kitty Cats has a lot of things that can make your kitten feel loved and cared for. 

Cute cat

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