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Throughout history, these dark, good-looking, and sociable cats have been associated with myths, superstitions, and legends that have made them feared. So much negativity has been unfairly attached to them. But it’s NOT TRUE at all! Continue to read below to know what truly happened!

Black cats are just like other cats. It is just their fur is black in color. So, when and how were they associated with death, bad luck, and witchcraft?  

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These rumors can first be traced to medieval times 16th century wherein black cats were hated because they believed that when creatures with dark feathers or fur, such as crows and ravens, were a sign of imminent disaster. People simply keep on believing these myths and start spreading rumors about black cats being disguised as witches at night or that they are demons that would spy on humanity in animal form. Sadly, until now black cats still carry unfavorable associations in a different part of the world, where they believe that it is lucky to cross paths with a white cat and unlucky to do so with a black one.

According to a veterinarian, there is no evidence to support these claims that black cats bring bad luck and are related to witchcraft. In fact, veterinarian claims that many black cats are playful, fun-loving, and full of energy. They are also very loyal and affectionate! We can see here that they are just as precious as their multicolored counterparts.

Nowadays, veterinarians and cat lovers all around the world put a lot of effort into promoting black cats. This is where they made “National Black Cat Appreciation Day” which is celebrated every August 17th. Shelters and rescue organizations use special black cat adoption. It occurs when two cats, one of which is a black cat, are adopted together and the adoption cost for one cat is reduced. Additionally, there is a black cat café named "Nekobiyaka" in Japan that people can go to. The owner, Ms. Yagi, came up with the idea for a black cat café in order to improve the chances that the felines would find a permanent home and give customers a chance to interact with black cats and discover the myths and superstitions surrounding them are false.

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These are just some of the steps that they do to correct public misconceptions about black cats. As a reader, you can also contribute by sharing these messages with your friends. Additionally, by adopting these adorable cats, you will be saving a life. Black cats spend longer in shelters than other felines, and they are more likely to be overlooked. Opening up your home and heart to a black cat gives a loving animal a second chance at life.

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