Cute Cat Claw Bottle Opener

We all need an opener at home anyway, why not get the cutest right? Here's our Cute Cat Claw Bottle Openera must-have for the cat lover who wants something unique in their kitchen.


  • Made of silicone comfortable to hold, which is unmatched by other materials.
  • Also can be a cute cat ornament in the kitchen.
  • Large smooth surface, comfortable to hold.
  • Edge tool hidden at the claw, eliminates scratches.
  • Size: approx 12-14cm.


(No need to fish around in your utensil drawer, this will stay magnetized on your refrigerators or any iron cabinets.)

(Item Color / Type: Brown)

(Item Color / Type: White)

(Item Color / Type: Leopard Yellow)

(Item Color / Type: Leopard Black)

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