Kawaii Cat Sliding Pencil Bag

Pink Kitty
Gray Kitty
Brown Kitty
Black Kitty
White Kitty

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There will be no more pens strewn across the table. There will be no more picking up the wrong highlighter. 🖍✏️📎📏

Introducing our Kawaii Cat Sliding Pencil Bag, the cutest standing pencil bag that collapses into a pencil holder! Allows you to easily see and grab all your writing tools without dumping everything out. So convenient 😊


  • Made with premium quality fabric, anti-scratch and easy to clean.
  • Simply push down for a pen pot, and slide up to take it wherever you want.
  • Approx 13 cm width x 17cm height when stretched up, and 8cm height when retracted down
  • It can be for pen case, cosmetic bag, office accessories organizer, etc. 

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(Item Color/Type: Gray Kitty)

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(Item Color/Type: Black Kitty)

(Item Color/Type: White Kitty)

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