Teepee Cat Bed

Black stripe
Beige star

Let your cat snooze in ultimate comfort till its heart's content with this Teepee Cat Bed. This will be their private space to keep them warm and feel safe.


  • 100% durable cotton canvas, washable, comfortable and breathable.
  • The cotton cushion is non-slip, extremely soft, your pet will have a great sleep on it.
  • Fold like an umbrella, easy to store and take away
  • Comes with a small chalkboard on top lets you add their name for a cute personalized finishing touch.
  • Available in 4 different designs and 3 sizes to choose from.


(Item Color / Type: White)

(Item Color / Type: Copper Navy Star)

(Item Color / Type: Copper Beige Star)

(Item Color / Type: Copper Black Stripe)

 Actual product images:

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