Walk Like A Cat Bedroom Slippers

Turn your feet into a pair of soft cat paws with our Walk Like A Cat Bedroom Slippers.

Ultra-soft, warm and breathable slippers feel like your walking on clouds. Get your paws up with these slippers, boasting their realistic and cute resemblance to real cat paws. Perfect for pampering your feet and keeping them warm against cold floors.


  • Made of soft fleece material and memory foam to soothe or warm those cold feet.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • It's comfy & has a soft lining.
  • Non-slip rubber sole.
  • Available in 5 colours: Pink, Brown, Gray, Coffee, and Yellow.

Match these slippers with our catchy socks. Paw Slippers and socks set @ $39.95! (Set is only available in yellow and pink.)

You will never feel lazy walking around the house with these slippers, feel the warmth and comfiness like your cat hugs your feet. Limited items were available in stock & it's not sold in stores. 

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(The fluffy plush lining keeps your feet warm and comfortable.)

(Just imagine how you will love to do some catwalks with these paw slippers.)

(You can pair this with our matchy socks. This set will gently wrap your feet for extreme warmth and comfort in all seasons.)

 (Item Color/Type: Pink)

(Item Color/Type: Brown)

(Item Color/Type: Gray)

(Item Color/Type: Coffee)

(Item Color/Type: Yellow)

(Item Color/Type: Pink with socks set)

(Item Color/Type: Yellow with socks set)

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