Cat's Behaviour During Winter

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Cat's Behaviour During Winter - Super Kitty Cats

Read on to find out some interesting cat behaviours during winter.

During winter, you will get to see them tucking themselves into squishy positions.Why?

When it's cold, we enjoy hiding our hands and feet under the covers to keep warm. Well, our cats aren't much different either; they curl up intolittle fluffy loaves to keep themselves warm and comfortable. In this position, they can control their body temperature without moving. See?

Image 1: Cat in a loafy position

Our usually calm and cool cats tend to get friskier and become extremely active too during winter. This is their ways to get to improve blood circulation and raise their body temperature to fight against the cold.

You will often see them sprint from one end of the house to the other playfully. This is the time to play more with them. You can provide them with toys and games that will be useful for their exercise.

Image 2: Laser toy to help them stay active and warm

Image 3: Smart teasing ball cat toy

Our cats will also eat more during winter. When exposed to the cold, cats may naturally feel hungry and want more frequent meals or snacks. Much like us. So, prepare more food, snacks, and water for them during winter.

Image 4: Automatic water drinking station. So you won't need to keep topping up their water.

Many humans experience muscle pain and discomfort when exposed to prolong coldness. Cats also go through the same thing. The cold makes their joints uncomfortable, which can make them sensitive and aggressive. Consider getting them cat beds/caves which can keep them warm to prevent this from happening. 

Image 5: Pumpkin Cat Cave Bed
Image 6: Cone-Shaped Cat Bed

As winter draws near, and the temperature drops, it is important to be mindful of our lovely cats. We should get ready all the necessary stuff to ensure they are comfortable throughout the cold season. Shop early to avoid the Christmas season when delivery might be slow or delayed.

We hope you and your feline companion have a lovely winter. Thank you for reading.

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