Cats Common Behaviors Meaning (Part 2)

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Cats Common Behaviors Meaning (Part 2) - Super Kitty Cats

Ready to know more about our furriend? After the first five, how does it affect you and your cat's bonding? The next five is coming right up!

6) Why is your cats ignoring you?

One of the biggest differences between human behavior and cat behavior is the way we approach social interaction. Human are obligate social animals. We love to showers our cat with affection, treats and attention. However, cats are the opposite. They are not obligate social animals. They can be affectionate at one moment and go right back to ignoring you the moment it suits her.

Here are two most common reasons why they ignores you:
  1. They are very comfortable at their spot at the moment and can't find a compelling reason to answer your call.
  2. They sense danger or threats in the environment, or simply because they do not trust or like the person calling. (cats have good memories and will remember when they are mistreated like yelled at, sprayed with water etc.)
While there is not much we can do with reason number 1, we can definitely do something to improve our trust, and affection with them. Just provide them their basic needs like food, water, multiple litter boxes, toys for mental enrichments and scratchers.

Do keep in mind that every cat's preference are different. Cat pawrents have to be ready to go through a period of trial and error, to figure out what works, and what doesn't.

After you discover your cat's favorite thing, if you used it too often, the item will slowly loose its special affection status, like how we get bored with something. One way to keep them interested is by finding similar favorite items, but in different variants or colors.

Check out our Cat Care & Groom, Cat Scratchers, or Cat Toys collections to build some trust and affection with your cats.

7) Why do cats arched their back?

Commonly, there are two reasons to why cats arched their back.

  1. To stretch their body after a good nap
  2. To make them look bigger when they felt threatened

To distinguish which of these two reasons, they are arching their back, simply look at their eyes to get the vibe, or spot whether their fur is pointing out like a porcupine. When they are hissing, you can be certain that it is the later reason. It's their call that meant "Keep you distance or else...". So, just slowly step and stay away from them when they are in this mood. This gives them the signal that you are not a threat, and they will slowly calm down.

8) Why cats bite?

The most common reasons why your cat is biting are:

  1. They want you to stop doing something (hard bite)
  2. They are playing with you (soft bite)
  3. They are defending themselves from threat
  4. Their teeth is uncomfortable (biting wooden furniture)
  5. To practice their predatory instinct

There might be other reasons not described here as every cat's behavior is different. Cat pawrents need to spend time to understand, and to train them on biting.

Do not let them get used to biting your fingers. While they might be gentle to you, they might not act the same to your children or visitors. The best way to train them on biting if using toys designed for cat biting. Whenever, they bite the toys, praise them, and give them a treat.

Check out this Versatile Cat Windmill Toy which is fun and design to train your cat biting.

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9) Why my cat likes to nap on top of me?

We, cats, love to nap. We don't usually sleep for long, but we sleeps a lot. Most of the time, we are just half-asleep because of our natural predatory instinct. We are always alert even those our eyes are close.

One of the places we love to sleep on, is on top of hoomans, because their body temperature is so warm and cozy. We love warm and cozy places.

Other than that, we love to snuggle on hoomans, when we felt like it. It's just a cat thing! They called us the social sleepers.

And lastly, when I am sleeping on you, it means that you have earned my trust, and I consider you part of my family. Not yours, mine...(meow!) It's a compliment.

Cats Sleep on Top of You

For us, human, to get that level of trust, is not easy at all. We need to spend a lot of time, and effort to be in their circle of trust. As a start, why not pamper them with warm and cozy cat beds. One bed is always not enough, get them multiple beds to see which one they love.

At Super Kitty Cats, we have some of the best cat beds in store. Some are cute, some are multi-functional, and some are just plain classy. Click here to check it out.

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10) Why is my cat staring at me?

These are the most common reasons your cat is staring at you:

  1. It's feeding time
  2. Curious about what you are doing
  3. Showing you some cute affection
Cats Stare

When it's bed time, and you find your cat staring at you, and might even purr softly at you, it's highly possible that they need you top up their bowl.

At other times, when you are building something, and your cat is just staring at you from a distance. You would wonder why, but the answer is just simple, they are curious. Lots of creatures are curious about new things, and cats are just one of those curious creatures.

Last but not least, the cute big watery eyes, cute stare, which we all love and some of wish to see it as often as possible. The irresistible cute stare, that is so magical, that they can get us, humans, to do what they want. That's the affection stare.

    Cat common behaviors


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