Best Cat Beds Of 2021

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Best Cat Beds Of 2021 - Super Kitty Cats

Cats love to sleep. They sleep about 16 hours a day, just like our famous orange cat Garfield. They will spend most of their time on their beds. If you love them, why not give them the best place to sleep in? But before that, let’s find out why it is important to get a cat bed.

Why Do Cats Need Cat Beds? (Of course it is to sleep in. Haha!)

Like humans, sleeping is important to your cats. They rest to rejuvenate, reserve their energy for “important” tasks, and to stay healthy and live a longer life span. Hence, soft, warm, and cozy beds are the most comfortable place for them to sleep in. while enhancing their longevity.

Having a cat bed will also help to contain fur shedding for cats with long fur. The more time they spend on the bed, the less fur they leave around your house. If your cat has a bed, the fur will be contained to one area and it is easier for you to clean and remove it.

Lastly, having a good cat bed aids in the relaxation of your cats. They prevent stress in multi-cat households. Bad things like urinating out of the litter box or fighting with other cats are some of the signs that your cats are stressed out. If you have multiple cats, it is best to provide them with their own cat bed to reduce friction between them.

Now, here's 2021 handpicked best cat beds that will make your cat purr in delight:
Winner of Best Calming Cat Bed:  Calming Cat Bed With Roof Cover

Designed by therapists to be a safe haven for your cats. The raised rim creates a sense of security and helps your cats to calm down faster and relax more easily, letting them fall asleep peacefully. Easing their stress and anxiety becomes simpler with this bed.

Winner of Best Classic Cat Bed:  Hand-Woven Cat Basket

Made similar to sisal ropes, this cat bed functions as a bed and a scratcher at the same time. Cat’s love baskets as much as they love boxes, and this Hand-Woven Cat Basket is no exception. It’s great for sleeping in and it’s stylish and sleek.

Winner of Best Adventurous Cat Bed:  Teepee Cat Bed

Camping indoors can be super fun and adventurous for your sleepy kitty. If your cat loves to hide and sleep, this choice is not bad. It lets your cat snooze in ultimate comfort, as they feel safer when they are hidden.


Winner of The Most Cute Cat Bed:  Snuggly Duck Cat Bed

Based on the story of the little ugly duckling, here’s the super cute Snuggly Duck Cat Bed!Just looking at it will make your cat want to snuggle and sleep inside this soft and cozy cat bed. It will also look super good as a decoration in your living room.


Special Mention:  Donut Hideaway Cat Cave

While it's not a bed, we think this  Donut Hideaway Cat Cave can be a good resting place for your cats too. They can hide inside, go round and round inside, or just lie in the middle hole area. They can also use this as a fun peek-a-boo toy with you or their fellow feline friends. It’s just perfect for cats to play, nap, rest, relax and sleep.


Our cats are our family. Don’t you agree that we want to provide them with the best life possible? Choose the best bed for them to rest and sleep. Your cat gets to live longer, less fur mess, less stressful, and eventually leads to a more comfortable life for us, their moms/dads, with lesser troubles to handle.

So, get the best cat bed for your cute kitties now!

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