Top 10 Basic Items To Start Your Cat Journey (Part 1 of 2)

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Top 10 Basic Items To Start Your Cat Journey (Part 1 of 2) - Super Kitty Cats

Want to bring home a kitten or a cat?

Homing a kitten or a full-grown cat is not a child's play. Cats are like humans, they need love. Make your new found furriend feel loved as you prepare their needs before-hand.

Here are the top 10 basic cat items that Super Kitty Cats recommends you. That you will need to start your journey as their parent. Let them feel they are a family member and not just a visitor.

1. Food

Everyone need food and cat sure does too. Before homing a kitten, make sure you have their food on stand-by. We want them to become healthy and strong. If you acquire them through certain breeding, it is better to feed them the food required for their breeds. Find out their breeds and their usual food from the breeding center.

In general, the kittens need more proteins and fats than adult cats. There are foods that are specially “made only for kittens” in order to sustain their body's  nutrient needs while they grow up. And for the adult cats or the grown-ups, they can handle canned foods, or dry foods. The later is better for them. Start your cat journey from understanding and preparing the food they needs to have a “fur-rific” time with them. See a list of nutrients needed for your kitten here.


2. Food Bowls

Once you have the food, yes! They need food bowls. This is a must-have basic item. Everyone in the family have their own bowls. So, make sure your cat have one too, if you want your cat to feel like a true family member. Letting them eat from the same bowl trains them to look for that bowl when they are hungry.

One important thing to note. Avoid using plastic bowls for your cats. Many plastic bowls contain toxic chemicals such as phthalates or Bisphenol A (better known as BPA). These chemicals have been shown to damage the liver, kidneys, and other organs, and cause reproductive issues in women, men, and many animals. Just a simple scratch from your cat's sharp claw is enough to cause leakage of this toxic material to their daily food.

Not only that, plastics bowls are known to breed bacteria over time through the small cracks and scratches. It is impossible to fully sanitize within these crevices. This means that despite your best efforts, your cats can still be at risk of ingesting leftover bacteria which may cause disease like chin rash or chin acne.

Keep your cat safe and healthy by opting for glass or stainless steel food bowls. Glass bowl are heavy and stable, but its fragile, and easily breaks. Stainless steel bowls, are durable, but they are light, thus easy for cats to flip it upside down and create a mess.

That's why Super Kitty Cats recommends Bubbly Cat's Water & Food Station, a one-stop water and food station for your cats. The water container weights the station down for stability and the stainless steel bowl ensures that your cat eats from a clean hygiene bowl. The bowl compartment keeps the bowl steady in the station and won't easily flips over.


3. Water/Drinking Bowl

After getting a food bowl, there is also the need for a bowl for drinking. There are multiple kinds of drinking bowls available. Some comes in cute designs, others plain.

At Super Kitty Cats, we recommends an upgrade to the normal or cute water/drinking bowls. If you have not purchase the above Bubbly Cat's Water & Food Station,you can consider the Luxurious Cat Water Fountain. Its an automatic water dispenser with water filtration system. This water dispenser keeps the water running to avoid collecting dust or be a breeding ground for pest. The water runs through its filter to provide your lovely cats with clean, oxygenated water, all day long. Secure clean water for your fur baby! Clean water lets your kitten stay healthy and strong, kitten lovers!


4. Cat Toys

Cat toys make it to our number 4. Many new cat owners asked "Why do we need cat toys?" Well, cats are like kids. They are packed with energy, and they need an outlet to release this pent-up energy, daily.

Toys for cats, functions to stimulate your cat’s brain, develop their instinctive pouncing and predatory instincts, encourage them to be active and prevent problems such as boredom and separation anxiety. We can't always be at their side 24hrs a day, right?

Other than that, cat toys can help deepened your bond with your cat through interactive play. Cat toys can be a major source of enrichment for indoor cats. Cats love toys with an element of motion or sound. There are also attracted to feathers. You can always see cats pouncing at birds.

Check out Super Kitty Cats hand-picked cat toys that can make your cats roll over with happiness and excitement as you bring home their new toys!


5. Cat Grooming Kit

Most people think cats can take care of themselves. Well, most cats actually prefer to do their own grooming. However, even the most tedious feline groomers could use a helping hand.

Regular grooming includes brushing, bathing, shaving, and nail trimming. These help cats to maintain a healthy fur coat, eliminating odors and matted fur, and reducing hairballs. More importantly, it gives you the opportunity to check your cat for fleas and ticks, lumps and bumps, skin problems, and other health issues that may have gone unnoticed.

Some people prefers to let the experts do the grooming by paying them a handsome fee. However, at Super Kitty Cats, we offer some smart grooming kits that can do the same at a fraction of their price. Not to mentioned, it is a one time investment and you get to learn more about your cats when you do it yourself. Check out our Cat Care & Grooming items. 

Stay tune for the next 5 items in the next posting. Have a great day!