Top 10 Basic Items To Start Your Cat Journey (Part 2 of 2)

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Top 10 Basic Items To Start Your Cat Journey (Part 2 of 2) - Super Kitty Cats

We continue from where we left from Part 1.

6. Cat Carrier

At number six, we have the modes of transportation for cats, the cat carriers. It is important to choose the right carrier for your cats. Like choosing our own car, we need to pay attention to two things, safety, and comfort.

Getting the right carrier for your cat is a worthy investment. A good carrier provides your cat an extra level of security and can help lessen their anxiety or stress level during travels. With your cat travelling happy, so will you.

Safety: In some known cases, a frightened or nervous cat can jump anywhere in your car if unsecured. She might even scratch or bite the driver and might impede your ability to drive safely.

When walking, a cat who is not secured in a carrier, may suddenly bolt out from your arms when some catches their attention. They can get lost or injured before you are able to react.

Hence, it is important to let your cat travel in a carrier, for your cat's safety or yours.

Comfort: Like choosing a car, the carrier have to be in the right size. Not too big, not too small. Choose a carrier that have enough room for your cat to turn inside. Note that most cats like to have their own room. So, do not cat-pool them in the same carrier bag.

At the same time, the carrier must be comfortable for you to carry it steadily. No one likes to have a bumpy ride, your cats don't like it too. Having a towel or bedding inside the carrier can cushion the travel shocks and at the same time, prevent your cat from sliding around, minimizing the likelihood of travel sickness.

Lastly, the carrier should be well ventilated, and have multiple entry points or doors so the cat has choices when they get to checkout the safety of the carrier. Some cats feels more secured in dark places. So, having a carrier with a curtain is a plus point. It will be less stressful to get your cat into a carrier when they get to know it.

#Tip: You can calm cats by spraying cat pheromone inside the carrier about 30 minutes before you place the cat in.

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7. Scratching Post

Some of you may ask why is scratching important to cats? Can't they scratch wherever they like? Read on, and you will get your answers.

The first question is related to cat's nature. Cats are born with the tendency to scratch without anyone teaching them. It is their nature to scratch things. Scratching helps them remove debris from their claws as well as keeping their claws sharp. They need sharp claws to pounce, jump or cling onto something, keeping their body active and healthy. Obesity is one of the most common issue in modern cats.

For the second question, it is actually simple. You do not want to be stunned, to find your expensive sofa scratched, and teared, when you leave your lovely cat at home one fine day. That's why it is important to prepare a place for your cats to scratch.

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8. Litter Box

This one is a necessity for your kitten or cats! A litter box is practically your cat's toilet. It is a must for cats that roam freely at home. Train them how to properly use the litter box to keep your home clean.

Some owners let their cats roam outside to excrete their waste but there also paw-rents who are afraid that their kitties may got lost, or got kidnapped, if they roam freely outside. This is why you will need a litter box inside your home.

Other than safety, a good litter box, lets your cats feels they are doing their business naturally. Outdoors, cats naturally excrete on sandy soil for easy burial. They use their paws in a backward sweeping motion to cover their feces.

To stimulate this instinctive action, fill a litter box's bottom with about 2 inches (5.08 cm) or less of cat litter. Cat filler is a loose, granular material that absorbs moisture and odors such as ammonia.

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9. Cat Beds

Oh yes! Our kitties needs a bed. Who doesn't love one?

Cats loves to sleep. Have you watch Garfield? He's always eating and sleeping. Haha! Cats are quite selective of where they sleep. To them, comfort and warmth are secondary. What's most important is they want to felt secured and safe. They love to sleep at high, and hidden places, where they can see what’s happening around them, without being seen themselves.

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However, some homey kitties might behave differently due to their environment they grew up in. Some cats likes to sleep in soft, warm and cozy beds, even though is on the floor. The most important thing to them is that the bed belongs to them. For you, letting your cats have their own bed helps keep them from sleeping somewhere dirty, or shedding all over our furniture.

#Tip: Get extra cushioned cat beds for older cats as they tends to have joint problems.

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10. ID Tags

When you are stopped by a policeman, the first thing they will usually ask for, is your ID. ID is very important, especially for your cats that can't communicate in hooman's language. Getting your cat an ID goes a long way in ensuring a higher chance that your cat being return to you, when they are lost & found. 

Their ID tags can be fashionable or stylish, but that is secondary. The most important thing the ID needs, is to have the owner's contact information, like a phone number. Some paw-rents include their home address too, but some prefer privacy. It's your choice on how much information you are comfortable to divulge to people, but the basic info that Super Kitty Cats recommends, is a phone number. Easy for the finder and, easy to reach you.

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These top 10 items are what Super Kitty Cats think it is necessary for anyone who want to start their cat journey, or already in one. Your cat will be very happy if you already have all these 10 great items. For those that have not, you can benefit greatly by having all these items. Remember, happy cat, happier you. Meow!